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President Welcome

As president I am very pleased to welcome you to the University of Science & Culture. It is my pleasure to congratulate you once again on your acceptance to USC. Since 1372, USC has become a leading interdisciplinary research and teaching university, all while staying true to our original values of accessibility, social responsibility and academic excellence.


Here, we offer unique educational opportunities within a vibrant, diverse community of creative, talented and inspiring people. The University of Science & Culture boasts a strong international component. Our professors are leaders in their fields and are eager to share their knowledge, ignite your curiosity and guide you in new and exciting directions. Each member of the USC community plays an integral part in our plans for the future.


The university offers various undergraduate and postgraduate programs which are specifically designed to produce qualified and trained personnel in various areas of expertise. We provide a supportive and challenging environment for students to develop the essential knowledge and skills required to success in the rapidly changing business world.


Beyond our campus, we have focused on establishing international connections- we have teaching and research agreements and partner institutions around the world, giving our students unique opportunities to work with researchers from other institution.


Thank you for everything you do to champion and sustain the University. The first steps in your journey to realize your dreams begin here. We can help you realize your ambitions passions and aspirations wherever they may lie. I wish you every success at University of science & culture.




Assoc. Prof. Mohhamad Hossein Imani Khoshkhou

President, University of Science & Culture

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